Flurries of Worries and a Cup of Tea

To you,

Do you ever find yourself in one of those moments where you are randomly blinded by the thought, “What next?” And even more bizarrely, this question submerges from all other actually relevant thoughts before your most recent ‘next step’ has barely begun? Well that’s where I’m sitting tonight. On top of this quandary with a much needed cup of tea.

Sigh. Decision making is never ending it feels like. I’m one who feels comfortable when I get to sit and bask in the moment, but lately, it seems as if there’s never time to do so because everything requires preparation, months and months worth of preparation, and it comes at me at lightening speed.

I think this anxiety has arrived partially due to my past few days of job hunting – one after another, I’m applying here, there and everywhere possible.. we’ve all been there, and it blows. Hard. But in applying for jobs – literally EVERYTHING that’s available to me – the limitations of some of them regarding time-off is questionable.. which leaves my Christmas break (which occurs in 2 months) to deem questionable.

Going through my schedule of timely happenings – school terms, breaks, readings, paperwork, dissertation, graduation… then what? What’s next? We’re talking less than a year’s worth of plans which all smash into one another and so the preparation must begin. AAAARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

So, you can relate, right? Sometimes things just become deafening because they’re all screaming at you in one giant mosh pit.

Back to my tea. Because what’s next for that if I don’t is it getting chilled, and that too would blow.

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo

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