Mariah Robertson – Artist within the Photographic Medium

As I wondered the galleries at the Baltic Contemporary Art Center in Newcastle yesterday, I discovered an artist by the name of Mariah Robertson who is a New York based artist working within the photographic medium, and more specifically, within darkroom processes alone. Her work, which spans over meters of silver gelatin and metallic photo paper is clearly in discussion revolving around the process of experimentation and boundaries regarding photography as an artistic medium. Collages of imagery with photograms, the viewer can find obvious to hidden visuals of nature, human presence, and quite typically, nudity. Having begun my Master’s degree in Durham over the past month, finding an artist whose work is so far from my own, yet at the same time what I’ve found to be of strong inspiration within the topics of creation and art throughout the medium of photography, has been a reminder of sorts that this is a medium of which I remain to hold great passion for. Her sculptural display of work is something I truly adored since I am not enamored to frames (as many of you know), and she clearly has a physical relationship with her work and wants the audience to have the same. My views are not in depth, nor thought provoking, but rather personal; an internal ignition to stay connected with my passion for the medium and desire to explore it further. xo

Mariah Robertson

Mariah Robertson

Mariah Robertson

Mariah Robertson

Mariah Robertson - Elbosco

Mariah Robertson - Elbosco

Mariah Robertson


2 thoughts on “Mariah Robertson – Artist within the Photographic Medium

  1. The Toon! My heart aches. So glad you got to visit the Baltic. Unfortunately the furthest I ever got there was into the cafe for studying (red lights = green everything for the rest of the day) and a hall for the hallowe’en party. I clearly missed out!

    So happy you’re there. I feel like I get to keep a toe there by default through you!

    • Ugh, I cannot believe we missed out on eachother’s neighbourly presence by a mere 1 year!! How crazy is that, eh? Yes, I really enjoyed the Baltic – am going to go back for another photo show opening up shortly within the next month or so. :o) x

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