T-bone, With Love.

To you,

So whilst on the skype to the America-lands a couple days ago, my lad starts fiddling around on his laptop while in the middle of conversation.

What are you doing?” I curiously and nosily ask.

… Nothing.” [coy smile and all] “What’s £20 in U.S dollars?”

I give him an approximate. “…Why??”

No reason, just wondering…” [again, coy smile and all]

We had been talking about art projects, papers, my possible next trip out to North America, and so in my head I’m trying to figure out what he’s doing. Buying me paper clay that I was planning on purchasing.. £20 is clearly not the cost of any plane ticket. Hmmm.

Eventually, he pops out a clue for me.

You have to buy potatoes.”

Okay, well that’s one way to throw me for a loop. My instructions for the following day were to buy a bag of potatoes. O…k….

Two days later, and it all becomes clear.

In our conversations I have mentioned how my diet while living in Durham is, well, minimal. I know how to survive as a student who is self-sufficient, but sadly my food intake tends to take the hit. I mentioned how I typically cannot afford meat, since can goods, pasta, and rice are cheapy-cheap.

Meat Parcel

In the mail, I receive an Organic T-bone steak ordered from a small organic farm in Newtown, Powys.

A T-bone steak, with love. 🙂

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo


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