Hire Me. Please and Thanks. :)

To you,

So the job hunt has begun. It’s quite daunting for once looking into the upcoming months and not foreseeing a grounded opportunity of employment, nor academic institution awaiting my registration. Nope. There is nothing. The future is empty.

Okay, perhaps I am being slightly melodramatic and a tad bleak on the outlook of future endeavours into the working world. To be honest, I’m rather ready for it and prepared to get going on a new set of learning experiences and projects.

The only glitch in my excitement: I need someone to hire me. I know –lame, right? But such is life. I’ve much experience in the arts, communications, nonprofit, and cultural projects and I would be highly enthused at the prospect of continuing my professional education of sorts.

So yes, as the title requests ever-so-politely yet with a smidgen of indelicacy – Hire me. Please and thanks. 🙂

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo

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3 thoughts on “Hire Me. Please and Thanks. :)

  1. Hello Vic,
    I understand your dilemma of looking for a gig. The world out there has been cruel to so many.
    For those of us still in the work force or trying to build business’ it’s been 5-6 years of sheer hell with very little reward and no vacation.

    So many of today’s job seekers are out there asking for employment while not many are offering what benefit you will bring to their company. It’s a classic mistake mistake that many make.

    My strongest suggestion to make yourself employable to hit youtube and beat it down to the library and immerse yourself in books of entrepreneurship. Start with “who moved my cheese” then explore many of the great business author out there. Seth Godin, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Laurel Langmeier. Read or listen to the Steve Jobs book.

    So much of what these people have created come from love and passion not love of money,

    I know you have a liberal arts education which I’m sure you worked hard to get but it may not have been the best environment for the situation you are facing now.


    • Very much appreciate the wise words of advice. And I have already begun my venture down the path of research into the working persons world and creating a market for myself – seems best to educate yourself more than ever these days. And yes – I have chosen a rather difficult path, Fine Arts AND Liberal Arts, but for me passion fueled the pursuit, so it was unavoidable. And I am considering a PhD in the future (perhaps) if the situation deems enthralling enough for me to continue academic interests for another 4 or so years 🙂 Just crossing the fingers that this hunt of a job doesn’t kill me before it’s over 😉 x

      • I an tell you are a creative person. There are many ways to apply your talents, just think outside the box.
        The biggest issue that many people with liberal arts degrees have is that, from their creative environment they hate the idea of having a job where their output is measured by a dollar number. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

        That being said and coming from somebody that’s been in the entertainment business for more than 30 years. Try looking into event planning. If you have a good personality and can tolerate being measured by dollars, you’ll find some success there.


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