Taking Back the Reins

To You,

This past weekend has included many grand life events – last weekend I was a bridesmaid in an old highschool friend’s wedding to her beau in Oakville, ON where I also was able to catch up with a lifelong friend and hear about her recent engagement. And this weekend my cousin married her hubby in London, UK sadly of which I was unable to attend. On top of that I have spent many the hour mentally scanning over my life and trying to decipher all that seems to be jammed up inside of this singular sphere at the moment. Throughout the week I definitely ended up getting a little ill due to anxiety as to where I was unable to eat, could barely even keep liquids down, and my head and body were constantly swirling around in circles. Overall I think my mind has put off coping with things in life and throughout the past couple of years I’ve been focusing so hard on making it through the storm rather than dealing with the ramifications of enduring a lot. So post-realization that I definitely needed to re-focus my priorities in order to find glimmers of hope and happiness rather than rational survival techniques, things are looking much brighter.

Originally I had planned a long road trip to shores of Cape Cod and through the mountains on the east coast of the U.S., and as stoked as I was to just travel, chill, and photograph, things up and changed but still for the good.

Location update – I am now back in Indianapolis. Plan update – no longer road tripping it just yet, but rather have taken up an awesome internship role with a local industrial design/furniture design company run by a good friend of mine. Basically, the position will allow me to progress in the direction that I so crave to pursue in the world of art, design, and project management. To put it simply, I’m stoked. Once I decided I needed adjustments in my search for a job in Toronto, this position had lightly been put on the table as an alternative and to be honest, it’s most definitely the preferable route for me right now. Plus, the huge bonus of it all is that it is in Indianapolis where my adoring beau resides, and thus we have a short time of normalcy for the time being. All in all though, this opportunity is something I’m ecstatic about and am looking forward to see how it progresses.

My head’s still sorting things out, and I’m trying to learn to be patient with that and know that all that’s worthwhile takes time and work, and I’m most definitely up to push through it all. I miss home, family, and my adorable corgi dog, and as per usual I wish everything could reside in one place, but overall I know I need to focus on getting my professional experience up and running so that I can be overly satisfied with what life will offer me in the next chapter of things. I have an inexplicably wonderful lad, the most brilliant family, and loads of invaluable history, but I also need to make sure that the ‘me’ component of things is good too. It’s good to be good, ya know?

Anyways, that’s me – how’s you?

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo


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