It’s a Hot One Out There

To you,

My writing seems to be sporadically lazy these past few months, my apologies! I’m not a hot weather fan, and I think this weather has me flowing through a menopausal range of emotions from, “Yea! Let’s be productive!“, to “Ugghhh, melting...”, to “Whoo, life is brilliant! Let’s make the most of it!“, to “Everything and everyone sucks.“. I think when you find yourself in a mode lacking in inspiration and motivation, figuring out a path of focus and pleasure is mighty difficult. That’s me right now. Hell, that’s been me for this past year. I know what I want to do, but I cannot find my focus. My focus is constantly reconfiguring its blueprint plans due to life’s lovely obstacles, and right when I think I’m surfing over the current, I tumble into a wave and feel like I’m drowning. I’m questioning decisions, I’m analyzing far too much, and I’m loosing faith in my current journey.

I’m in need of something. Not just any something, but you know, that certain something. That kick. That moment of enlightenment. A surprising gesture, an act of sincerity, a jump into adventure. My life is not wired for dullness, and right now I feel dull!

Any tips on finding that kick? Mind you – I am on a budget and I am an adventure junky! Got any books? Any films? Any projects – YES! GIVE ME PROJECTS! I’m a smart lass, with a Master’s degree from a Top 5 UK university and I’m working behind a front desk in retail – this lady needs help!!!

Stay cool (literally),

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo

p.s – Ok, so as to not come off as a lazy ass, I am currently working on getting back to my creative roots, and am in the process of building a table out of repurposed and industrial pieces 🙂


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