The Most Misunderstood F-Word Out There

Bad-ass women exude Femininity in their flare, but hold strength in their heart.

We are educated in forms of art and design, but have the intellect to never shy away from political or social debates.

We carry ourselves with poise and grace, and with warrior-like confidence in our steps.

We don’t go to the gym in fear of losing our soft, womenly flesh, but with the full intention to let the bodies hit the floor.

We don’t understand the phrases, “too strong” or “too hard” because when the time comes to carry the weight on our shoulders, we can and we will.

We have no space in our vocabulary for ‘skinny’ because strong and healthy is the only ‘bikini-body‘ we need.

We don’t fear lifting weights at the gym, because carrying mounds of literature in our bags has trained our bodies well.

Bad-ass women don’t diet, we don’t fall to childish games, we don’t waste our money on the latest trend, or ever pretend to play it stupid, play it weak, or play it down.

We stand on our own two feet and even though we have the physicality to take idiots down, our brains can deliver a much harder blow in standing up for ourselves in a crowd of stupid.

We are strong, we are brainy, we are eloquent and we are to be feared. But we’re sweet, and we’re kind, and we’re a hell of a mate to have, and we don’t have time for stragglers. We can pursue careers without family guilt; bear children or not; cook as well as we can eat; understand our finances as much as our shoe collection; be a Mrs. as well as a Ms., and we will commit to marriage, but we don’t need to marry to be happy.

Bad-ass women don’t dream of becoming Princesses, we thrive in becoming Warriors. And in doing so, we exude the utmost class in femininity. Only stupid people mistake that F-word for anything short of bad-ass.


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