Canadian Thanksgiving in the Good Ol’ US of A

I spent my Canadian Thanksgiving this year with my husband and step-daughter in Indiana, something of which we have never celebrated together, and of course, something that bewildered my 7-year-old American step-daughter. Although for the first portion of the weekend she would refer to it as “Thanksgiving” while explicitly demonstrating strongly accented quotation marks with her little fingers when using the term, by the end of the weekend she was excited to confuse her classmates the next day with Thanksgiving leftovers and homemade apple pie (win for Canada). It was a beautiful weekend starting out with watching her last soccer game of the season, and then heading to the apple orchard to stock up on pie-worthy apples and apple cider and prepping for our feast the following day. I’m lucky to have married an amazing chef of a husband (I use the term lucky, but let’s face it – good cooking skills were a part of the marrying criteria), and he assisted me in cooking a beautiful organic chicken (no turkeys to be found this time of year) with an apple brandy basting mix (amazing recipe found here )


IndyOct2014-21_small IndyOct2014-6_small IndyOct2014-2_small Thanksgiving2014_1_web Thanksgiving2014_5_web Thanksgiving2014_6_web Thanksgiving2014_11_web Thanksgiving2014_12_web

My husband’s lovely neighbours caught wind of us celebrating my national holiday, and brought us over this deliciously plated greetings!Thanksgiving2014_7_web Thanksgiving2014_18_web Thanksgiving2014_17_web Thanksgiving2014_19_web Thanksgiving2014_14_web Thanksgiving2014_15_web Thanksgiving2014_23_web Thanksgiving2014_26_web


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