Drinking the Apple Cider and Thinking the Thoughts

To You,

Autumn and its cool breezy self has crept its way into our lives, and with it brings clarity for thought, contemplation, and recollection.

I’ve been living in the United States for over a year now, and my goodness, what a year. I’ve been encapsulated by the explosion (and implosion) of culture, social and political conflict, and the perpetuating missile that is the regression of society. And we’re now at the  door of another presidential election, one of which is quite possibly the most ridiculous and frightening scene I’ve ever witnessed on reality TV. [.. oh that’s right, it’s just reality. Shit.]

It’s been a year to think about the dichotomy of independence and relationship; recognition and practice vs. tolerance; tradition and progression. I haven’t mastered the balancing act of these things, and if nothing else I grow more and more passionate over finding my ground and landing that dismount with firm confidence.

It’s been a tiring year. Culturally, I feel out of place. And not because of my own culture and heritage by any means, but more so because of the fear that exists around our differences. Black Lives Matter – “Well then tell me why All Lives don’t matter?” Fight against rape culture – “Maybe women are just too sensitive.” Refugees need saving – “But they’ll kill our economy, and maybe even us.”

There’s much to discuss, and even more to listen to and think about. I know my frustration and empowerment of these topics can get old to some, but that’s when I think maybe I’m in need of a different people.

Peace and love,

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo


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