A Letter Writing Project

Before I left for Durham, I decided that I truly wanted to keep in touch with people who would value taking the time to do so. This meant not through Facebook statuses, or following one’s twitter account.

A couple months prior to my flight, me and my dear friend Rosemary joked about how we would be pen pals through this next year and afterwards since we’re both less than enthusiastic about the demise of old fashioned correspondence.

And so, we agreed that we would do just that – be each others pen pals… Like loser grade-school kids who sit alone in the school yard collecting rocks (I’m not judging. I was one of those school kids, and damn proud of it. My rock collection was sa-weeet).

This isn’t necessarily a ‘project’ of sorts, but more of a determination to stay in touch with people – actual living people and not their Facebook page. I’m still on there, pleasantly wasting time. However I don’t want to rely on it to stay connected with those I care about, and who care about receiving little enveloped writings every once in a while. For those of you who know me – I am not one to fail at this. When I travel, I would always bring back gifts. And whilst traveling, I would use close to $100 on postage stamps alone. I truly do love it. And I don’t plan on leaving it at letters. Little surprises could be had as well :o) And even after this year, I plan on continuing to communicate through mail.

I’ve already received a large portion of addresses from people willing to receive mail from me, and possibly reciprocate (however by no means necessary). But if you’re reading this and would like to partake, leave me a comment and we’ll figure out a way to exchange addresses! Even if you know someone who would enjoy this, but I don’t personally know them – hell, even better!

Join the fun. No more filled email inboxes. No more Facebook updates. Just good old fashioned mail. xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “A Letter Writing Project

  1. Way to go! There is some additional spiritual connection that goes on in the brain when forming the letters on the page by hand that adds to the creative process. Whatever it is, it’s lost in electronic formats. Hope you are well.
    Love, Aunt Kathy

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