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Created in September 2011, Love From, Vic Louise was made with the purpose of sharing my new adventures of living in Durham, England as I pursued my Master of Arts in International Studies from the Top 5 UK institution of Durham University. Whilst living in my own flat for the first time, I was engaging in a variety of new experiences all at once, resulting in many stories told – from commencing a new long distance relationship, to studying in a field I never pictured myself pursuing, as well as healing from various emotional transitions months prior, it was a year filled with the testing my strength and capabilities.

Now, nearly two years later I have received my MA degree having written my dissertation on the cognitive value of conceptual arts within a political discourse, I am still in the same long distance relationship, and have now moved back home to Canada. My life is still a twist of winding roads- working as a Digital Communications Manager and PR Associate for an NGO called Far & Wide Collective out of Toronto and part-timing it as a Front Desk Coordinator at a Spa/Salon in my local hometown for additional income has left me tirelessly pursuing my desire to work within nonprofits and NGO’s full-time but experiencing the challenges that this presents in today’s economy. So, the blog continues as I venture into the world of real life – disastrous territories, I’m telling you ;o)

Year 1: Commenced MA in International Studies at Durham University in the UK.

Year 2: Handed in my dissertation and entered the painful world of job hunting, soul searching, and personal battles.

Year 3: Still soul searching with many changes up ahead, including the world of immigration – became engaged to my wonderful lad and the process to move to my southern neighbours commences – this blog could commence a really bad female empowerment drama! πŸ˜‰


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