Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I Be-ith Matriculated! (However An English Major, I am not)

To you,

So today was the day of all things formal and official. I started my day off lovely lovely 🙂 After some tea and breakie, I ventured to the Sports Fair where I signed up to learn about a few of the clubs and societies – all very exciting as I am a nerd and wanting to get involved wherever I am able to. After such business, I came back to me flat and got all gussied up for the official Durham Postgraduate Matriculation Ceremony, something of which being from North America, I am very unfamiliar with. At 12:15PM I walked down and up the cobble stone roads (please don’t think this would deter me from wearing my 3″ heels) over to the Castle where a few members were gathered in the M.C.R (Middle Common Room) and there I collected my black gown to wear for the ceremony. After chit chatting, we walked through to the courtyard with winds diminishing everyone’s appearance as neatly pleated dresses became creased, and carefully set hair-dos became tangled manes. Eventually, we lined up together and were setup on the Castle’s steps where our photo was taken as the official 2011 Postgraduate entries within the University College membership. Shortly afterwards, we all marched into the Cathedral, something of which is a grand sight in itself. Reputed as one of the greatest cathedral’s in the world, it did live up to the standard such a title would hold. As I was seated, I was amazed at the size of the Postgraduate class of Durham’s student population, as we easily filled the Cathedral. The Castle’s graduate student population was in itself at around 150 students, which is their largest class yet. Quite impressive, really.

All in all, I think today was a true introduction as to the culture and atmosphere of Durham University. Something of which I am highly appreciative of is the tradition of community supported organizations. For instance, when I use the term ‘College’, this basically is an organization of sorts of which you have chosen to be affiliated with as a permanent member. You have access to this building’s societies, facilities, and events, and are joined by undergraduates and postgraduates of all departments. Durham, Cambridge, and Oxford are traditionally known for these types of settings, and I actually really enjoy it! Not only am I a member of the Castle (yes, it is an actual Castle), but I can affiliate myself with students of all study backgrounds rather than just my department of Government and International Affairs. In addition to being introduced to the College setting, the Matriculation Ceremony in itself is highly formal. All the men wore suits and ties, and the ladies, dresses and blouses. The Deans of the Cathedral and of the University made speeches, and as the ceremony ended, it was officially announced that “the postgraduate Matriculation ceremony of 2011 has concluded.” Again, the Matriculation tradition is mainly known through Cambridge, Oxford, and Durham universities being the three oldest universities in the United Kingdom, and all holding very high standards. Coming from North America, this was definitely an eye-opener and wonderful cultural introduction to the history of the area and university itself. In the evening, a nice dinner Social was held at the Castle of which I ate, drank some juice, and stood wide-eyed at the ancient structure of the rooms and hallways.

So there you have it – no trips, a few giggles, and my seat almost collapsing underneath of me during the ceremony. Oh, and a slight choking on my food at dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, really! Tomorrow, I get to ask a few questions regarding registration and perhaps attend some athletics in the evening time. Will update again shortly, but for tonight I am spent! A full day of official Postgraduate events has got me knackered out!

Night night!

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo

Whip ‘n’ Curl

To you,

Today I spent my day re-sorting my luggage scheme (it’s never ending, I tell ya) which pretty much consisted of me re-packing my belongings without having any conscious outlook as to how much each suitcase would weigh since I am not flying to Durham, but taking the overground rail. Yes. I have been in London for a few days now, and what I choose to report to you lovely readers is that of my packing scheme. You thought my London stories would consist of tales of tea on the Thames? Perhaps shopping through Picadilly? Or maybe strolling the streets of markets and chimney sweepers? Think again people – this here is REAL! My apologies, I do promise for postings to get more entertaining, but for now just humour me.

To move on, I am now in west London staying with my mum’s youngest sister which is proving to be another couple of days of me chilling and researching Durham details so that I am the utmost prepared for my arrival and subsequent duties. In a bit of fun, however, I decided to doll myself up a bit before departing Oliver’s (brother) flat.. and.. well.. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Rather… rolley if you will.



A lil’ curly curl. I’ve never had rollers in my hair, and as fun as it was, my hair quickly deflated as it was raining out as I walked from my brother’s flat to the Bayswater tube station. Oh well.

So there you have it – London tales of luggage re-organizing, hair rollers, and Durham prepping. I ain’t sugah coating nothin’. (Actual Londonesque photos to be uploaded shortly. Forgive me people, but this isn’t my tourist town so I kindly forget to do such travel-related things. 🙂 )

Until next time, I bid thee adieu!

Love from, Vic Louise xoxo