Christmas Day 2014: FaceTime, Family, and Drugged-Up Unconsciousness.

To You,

I hope everyone is feeling somewhat rested and de-bloated following holiday festivities of lounging in your PJ’s, stuffing your faces with dish upon dish, and enjoying exhausting enjoyable catch-ups with family members near and far. This year was a bit of a dooze.. not because of the people I spent it with, but more so because I took a Robax muscle relaxant in the morning due to a three-day ongoing headache and neck stiffness, and apparently my stomach was just empty enough for it to hit the bottom of my tum, and knock me out on and off throughout the entire day. So I slept, woke up in time to watch the first NBA Christmas Day match of the day, eat dinner, fall asleep for another two hours, wake up again to accompany my sister to the GO train station in Oshawa, drive back, and fall asleep again in the late evening. I kind of screwed that one up.

My day was a little sore, with me missing my husband terribly. I miss him so, so much I honestly cannot express into words as to how much I miss his presence. We scheduled a rendez-vous on FaceTime in the morning so that myself, my mum, and sister could watch my step-daughter open her gifts from the Canucks, and so my husband could be there to see my mum and sister open their gifts from him. It was great that we could at least arrange that. The day carried out there-on afterwards with a Skype session with my brother and his gal pal in Australia, and then the muscle relaxants took effect.. was not pretty. My mum gave out her packed up stockings which contained the traditional goods – chocolate dollars, toothbrushes, little gift cards, and little other tidbits. I opened mine enthusiastically, yet horizontally.


My yearly gold-wrapped chocolate dollars. Thanks ma/Santa.

In the afternoon, the family tradition of watching the NBA Christmas Day pair-ups commenced, although it was a little uneventful as the only games our TV package allowed us to watch were not as eventful as years past. Oh well. Food, however, is always the peak of the day, sitting at the table eating an English roast dinner of beef, veggies, Yorkshire puddings, and English trifle desserts. Always so damn yum. In the early evening my sister was headed back to Toronto, and so we all drove her to the GO train station in Oshawa (a good hour away)… my sister drove my car there to give me time to drink more caffeine and normalize my alertness, we dropped her off and I drove home. I was due to work bright and early on Boxing Day, and so I headed back to my flat in the evening to then FaceTime with my husband-face so that we could open our gifts with each other. As usual, we kept it small and personal. It’s those gifts I cherish around the holidays. My husband knows me more than anyone, and so I know his little gifts for me will be sweet and thoughtful. I was also surprised with a little package on Christmas Eve from Idaho from another dear friend packed with a lovely mix of homely tidbits.

A little box filled with things of "home" sent from Idaho - from her home, my future home, and my ancestral home.

A little box filled with things of “home” sent from Idaho – from her home, my future home, and my ancestral home.

A gorgeous book from my husband. Arrow through the heart, indeed.

A gorgeous book from my husband. Arrow through the heart, indeed.

So yes, that was my Christmas Day. New Year’s is approaching, and I will post a typical, expected reflection post in the days to come… but for now, Christmas Day was simple, yet sweet. I’m lucky to be able to spend it every year with family, and next year I look forward to experiencing the little moment of simplicity in person with my husband. I know I’ll always be away from someone in my family, and that truly sucks, but I know time is needed and due for me and my husband-face.

Much love,

Love from, Vic Louise

Thanks For Listening, Babe

To You,

The people that listen to you are the people you need to keep around. And it’s not just about hearing you, but understanding and responding to what it is that you say. Nowadays people listen, engage, and disperse, never really absorbing the words that flow from your chords… but when someone does – let your heart and head appreciate those individuals. I’ve had some rough days dealing with immigration woes and difficulties surrounding the limitations this situation deals me, and I’m in need of a friend, my best friend, to be there for me. He always is, never a doubt, but this past week he demonstrated the ideals of what a best friend and partner should be. What we should all attain to be – as a wife, what I always work hard to be.

On Sunday of last week, my husband surprised me by showing up to my workplace with a coffee in hand and my insanely missed Corgi in tow. Not only did I desperately need a coffee, but my husband as well 😉 He surprised me by planning a trip up here for 5 days, and it was the happiest I had been in a long time. I’ve needed his company so badly these past few months, having many miserable nights unable to sleep, unable to deal with silly immigration stress. And there he was, a huge smile on his face and a coffee in hand, here to hang out with his wife for a few days. Amazeballs.

It’s been hard this holiday season knowing I wouldn’t be seeing him or my step-daughter, but just him showing up here made my heart giddy 🙂 This man is my favourite, my bestest, my heart, and my smile. And to make things even more sappy, I came home from work on Tuesday to him decorating my apartment with Christmas lights and garland – as he put it, maybe I would feel more at home and cheery looking at holiday decorations this next week.

7 6Best friends listen. They absorb, and they respond. He’s not perfect. And he can definitely be a wee bit of a jerk every now and again, but as I told him, he’s the most wonderful husband because everything he did for me this week was everything I needed from anybody as of late, and he was the one to respond. He always is. And I always will for him.

3 4 8 dec2014Happy Days to all of you, always!

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo

Holiday Blues

To You,

It’s of no surprise to anyone who has held a conversation for more than 5 minutes in their complete time of interacting with me that I miss my husband-face quite a bit. We have been married for almost 10 months now, and I’ve seen him less than a handful of times, and although I try my best not to dwell, I also don’t know how to deal with being apart throughout the near entirety of a 3 and a half year long relationship. I also have no one to relate to in the topic of the anxiety of trying to build a trusting relationship with my now step-daughter from afar as well.

It’s hard not to dwell on being away from my family during the holidays, the time where everyone else around you is planning time spent with their loved ones, discussing gift ideas for their family members… need I say more? I am happy to be able to spend some down time with my mum and sister, but in my three years plus of being with my now husband, my then boyfriend and fiancé, I have never spent Christmas with him and this year would have been amazing to spend at least Boxing Day with him and my other family members through to the New Year’s. We have always managed to spend New Year’s Eve together, creating a tradition of going snowboarding on New Year’s Day, and this year our one holiday tradition is a no-can-do due to immigration difficulties in me crossing the border whilst awaiting an immigration visa.

I miss this boy. More than I can explain because the minute I do, there’s no going back. He’s my bestfriend, my go-to person, my confident, and my most trusted. He makes me laugh when nothing else can, he gives me butterflies just with the thought of getting to Skype with him when the time allows it with our opposing schedules. He’s able to be the honest, blunt asshole in defending me when people have wronged me and I’m too naive to admit it, and he somehow supplies comfort when I need it through the means of online communication. He’s my guy.

He’s my bestfriend who I promise to not see upcoming blockbusters until we can see them together (yes, we both held out for Dark Knight Rises.. that’s commitment, man); we have a joint Pinterest board for us to pin hilarious online finds in the hopes of cheering each other up when needed. He’s my brilliant husband who complains at the fact that he doesn’t have a wedding band yet to wear proudly. So what’s a girl to do? Well, this year I’ve volunteered to work the extra shifts on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve knowing that if I’m going to be without my husband over the holidays, I may as well make money while doing it!

Peace & love,

Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo

Peace, Love, and Seasons Greetings

To You,

During this holiday season, I want to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday festivities! I am so incredibly thankful for those in my life, including my beautiful family and friends – all near and far – and my wonderfully amazing fiancé, his daughter and my future in-laws.

After this ridiculous ice storm that hit southern Ontario over these past few days, it has settled into a wintery wonderland (and I am hoping that everyone who lost power has regained it by now), so peace and love and Happy Holidays 🙂

Christmas circa 1989

Christmas circa 1989


Love from, Vic Louise xoxoxo