Tonight, I dream of steaming teacups sitting beside your scotch.

I dream of waking up under blankets to the smell of coffee in the pot.

The wonderments of dinners sat at the table side by side.

I dream of evenings in silence snuggled tightly with my guy.

Walking our dogs on the weekends with our fingers linked hand in hand.

I dream of distant travels and exploring distant lands.

Tonight I dream of distance coming to an end,

Because all I want is my lovely, my bestest, my Mr. Beardfaced friend.


Airports: Where Adventures are Made

September 2011: In an anxious realization of time running out before a departure flight overseas, our first ‘I love you‘ was exchanged at the airport. We hugged, said our good-byes, and international long distance commenced.

October 2013: In an anxious realization of weekend plans ruined and time running out before another departure flight home at the airport, a marriage proposal was presented and I said ‘Yes’. We hugged, I cried, and I didn’t get on the flight. And the goal to eliminate our distance commenced.